Work Team

Senior Management Team

JPL Special is an environmentally friendly family business.

Dragisa Lukic

Founder Dragisa Lukic has developed business that is safe for our environment. His primary idea was to provide the highest quality of frozen fruit and to promote healthy living. Because of his strong relationships with local and national growers, we have the opportunity to offer our customers the best products from Serbia.

Mira Lukic

Mira Lukic has improved this exporting business with her great, 30 years long experience in domestic and foreign analytical economic expertise.

Suzana Boskovic

Suzana Boskovic is an expert in the fruit market. She is part of JPL team from the beginning. Her understanding of the market and great knowledge of fruit industry is very important for our business strategy.

Together we are creating a future for this company.

A Few Words About Us

JPL special was founded in 2004, with the intention to export frozen fruits (primarily raspberries, blackberries and plums), and trade with other agricultural products.

Our state of the art facilities are located in the pristine hills of Kosjeric – one of the raspberry rich regions of Serbia. Our complex was built with sustainability and environmental management as its primary concern and we are proud of being an eco-friendly business. Besides being environmentally conscious we are also a people oriented company, as we do not rely only on state of the technology but also on traditional labor and the experience of our staff.

Why Choose Us

Our fruit freezing and processing facility contains 3000 tons of storage space and in July 2010 it reached 100t/24h of deep-freezing capacity.
The facility has achieved ISO and HACCP certification in 2006 and also BRC certification in 2011.